Ferrocerium Rod Striker (Blade Saver)

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Ferrocerium Rod Strikers (also known as Blade Savers) are an ideal way to use a ferrocerium rod for fire lighting. Normally a ferrocerium rod will come with a cheap striker that is almost always useless. Our strikers are designed to be a direct replacement for almost any ferrocerium rod on the market!

Some people may choose to use the spine of a knife, although when working in or with a group this could become dangerous due to having an unsheathed blade. A blade saver is always a safer option and can be easily tied onto your rod so your never without it.

We have used blade savers on course for many years due to their simplicity and safety. Simply place your thumb of your dominant hand on the stamped rune and, using the bladed end, scrape your ferrocerium rod downwards towards your tinder. Instant shower of sparks!

Please Note:

This is for a blade saver only. 

The ferrocerium rod and paracord pictured are not included.

These items are hand made so slight differences may occur from item to item. If you require some slight modification or custom stamping please contact us.