Ferrocerium Rod Blank - 4.5mm x 75mm

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Ever been in the situation where you have thought: "Oh [insert expletive], I've lost my fire steel..."?

This is where "The Backup" comes in. "The Backup" is, as it's name suggests, designed to be a backup for main (usually larger) fire steel. This thing is tiny, weighs almost nothing and can fit in all sorts of small pockets, pouches and tins etc. You can stash these everywhere so you always have one when you need it.


"The Backup" measures approximately 3/16" diameter x 3" long (or 4.5mm x 75mm in metric) and weighs a 15g. It is a Hard/Medium compound which means it's longer lasting than a soft compound but does require a bit more pressure to get a good shower of sparks. 

**The Apocalypse Fire Steel's are supplied as blanks, no handle or striker is included**