Ferrocerium Rod Blank - 13mm x 64.5mm

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"The Mini Monster!" is the very similar to it's bigger brother, except it's been cut down to size. Having a 5" ferro rod such as "The Monster!" is great... except its called "The Monster!" for reason. It's very large and it doesn't really like being packed away in typical sized fire kits! So, we brought in "The Mini Monster!"

"The Mini Monster!" is the shortest fire steel we do. This makes it ideal as a backup, spare or even if you're trying to cut down on pack weight but still want a large fire steel.

"The Mini Monster!" measures approximately 1/2" diameter x 2.5" long (or 13mm x 64.5mm in metric) and weighs a 55g. It is a medium/soft compound which means it will throw lots of sparks with light pressure from the striker (Knife, hacksaw blade etc). This makes it ideal for scouts, students and beginners due to the ease of use.

A softer blend ferrocerium rod does wear quicker than a harder compound due to the amount of material removed for each strike. However, due to the size, this ferrocerium rod is capable of lighting thousands of fires and can last some people a life time!

**The Apocalypse Fire Steel's are supplied as blanks, no handle or striker is included**