DD SuperLight Karabiners x 2

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Ultralight, high strength Karabiners - can be used to support your hammock.

Made in the UK and weigh only 8g. Suitable to support weights up to 400kg (tested properly at this weight). Perfect for hammocks.

Can be used as an alternative to Soft Shackle Karabiners on our SuperLight Hammock.

Just as the larger karabiners we sell - these Karabiners act as a drip stop preventing water running down ropes/ webbing to your Hammock in heavy rain. They also allow quick release meaning very quick set-up and pack up of your hammock.

Most importantly the light weight and tiny pack size helps to keep your gear down to an absolute minimum level - perfect for when pack size and weight really counts!


  • Made in the UK. Tested and strong to 400kg.
  • 8g in weight, 5.5cm long

The price shown is for two karabiners and includes shipping. These are more expensive than our standard Karabiners due to the higher cost and specialised skills involved in making them strong and ultralight.

*Not suitable for climbing where a weight limit of several thousand kg is advisable.