DD SuperLight Tarp S

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DD SuperLight Tarp S:

Part of the DD SuperLight Range

Pack size:   17cm x 12cm x 4cm (can be compressed even smaller)

At just 260g The DD Superlight Tarp S is our lightest rain shelter - its tiny pack size allows it to easily fit into a jacket pocket and it is ideal for a number of uses!

Perfect for ground bivi camping, it provides plenty of shelter for one person and gear. It also makes a great day shelter or ground sheet, easily and quickly set up for lunch stops and rest breaks out on the trail.

Due to its size, this Tarp is not suitable as a hammock shelter. For hammocks we recommend our 3x3 Tarp.

Like our entire Tarp range, the fully-waterproof DD Superlight Tarp S has 19 attachment points.

*Our Superlight Range is more expensive than our other products due to the higher cost of using the lightest materials we could possibly source.