FireDragon green and clean gel fuel (6 x 27g Blocks)

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Fire Dragon is a new innovative environmentally friendly solid fuel.



› Non-toxic and odourless when burnt › Easy and quick to ignite – just a single spark, it’s that easy light - use the flint, match or lighter. › Low luminosity › Very little soot given off, so doesn’t dirty your cooking pot or mess tin. › Easy to store and handle › Safe to be packed with food,, completely non toxic › High calorific value 28,000 kJ / kg › Potential for use as a hand sanitizer*.Simply rub over your hands like a waterless soap, to clean your hands › Each block will burn for about 8 minutes. Two blocks for about 12 minutes › Suitable for all weather conditions › Will light & burn even when wet,, (in fact it floats on water and you can still light it!!!!) › Can be used with a variety of cookers › Made from a sustainable, natural biofuel › Air transportable (Fuel Blocks: UN1325, Class 4.1 PG III, Flammable solid, organic, n.o.s (Ethanol Fuel). › Patented

Weight: 6 X 27g (0.9oz) NATO approved: NSN-9110-99-505-2835