Forged 3-In-1 Campfire Cooking Stand (Tripod / Spit / Pot Hanger)

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This amazing design is the very same one that we love and use on our own woodland. A simple design, convertible tripod can be set up in various ways to ensure the best possible results. This set is very easy to setup & use.
  1. * Tripod Config* - Can  be used as a conventional tripod to hang your cooking pot. 
  2. *Spit Config* (Pictured) - Can  be used to hang more than one cooking pot /dutch oven / and kettle. We are even working on making accessories to rotisserie cook meat with a turning handle.
  3. *Pot Hanger Config* - The main bar driven into the ground to provide a free standing hook for hanging pots freely over the fire.
We've successfully tested this to withstand 2 full dutch ovens (Petromax ft6 and Petromax ft9) and a Ghillie Kettle to be hung simultaneously over the fire without any issues. We will be introducing a large heavy duty version designed to withstand multiple large dutch ovens for event catering in the future.