King of Zombies - Axe Throwing League

This is a new event starting in July 2018.

Fancy crowning your team as "Axe Throwing King of Zombies"?

Take yourself along with up to 5 friends for some friendly competition against other teams from across the country. It's an awesome day out that can lead to some epic bragging rights! 

This is simply an amazing option for team building events, birthday parties, stag or hen dos or simply a group of friends who want an awesome day out. 

Team Size: Max 6

Cost: £100 per Team 

We run an open day every month (see drop down options) or alternatively you can request a time and date of your choice. If your booking your own time and date and you only have a team of 6, we will try and find another team for you to go up against. This make it cost effective when running this event. If you wish to have a private party, you would need to book and pay for 2 groups (max 12).


We run 5 Friendly Leagues:

Corporate League - Companies with over 25 Staff

Small Business League - Companies with less than 25 Staff

Privateer League - Groups of friends / Birthdays / Stag and Hen Events

Scout League - Registered Scout Groups (please see min age)

If you have a larger team put them head to head for the ultimate bragging rights. Accounts Department vs Sales Team, Bride vs Groom, Mates vs Mates, the Cocky Ones vs the world! However your rivalry works, just make sure your team wins!

**Whilst this is a fun event, please remember that we are throwing axes. If an instructor thinks you or any other member of your team may be drunk, or on drugs, your team will be disqualified. Your team will not participate in the event and your team will not get a refund.** 



Age isn’t just a number—it ensures you can handle a real axe and play by the rules. All axe throwing participants must be over the age of 18 years old at the time of the event. Scout leagues have a minimum age of 12 and a maximum of 18 years old.


We will have a pre-match safety meeting and then walk through the techniques you need to get the best score possible. Once that's completed you will have roughly 1 hour to practice by playing some games, giving you the chance to perfect your technique with each axe thrown.

Each participant is allowed 1 warm-up throw at the start of scoring round to reduce some pre-game nerves.


Each team gets 12 throws per scoring round, 6 throws on each side of the designated axe throwing space (this helps reduce any target bias). 

The instructors will tally up your final team score and publish them on our website (Link to the leader board is here!). 


Point values are always obvious and clearly marked on the targets. If they aren’t, your referee (instructor) will take care of it. Remember this is a friendly competition, we don't need any sore losers (or sore winners!)


  • 6 points for the bulls-eye
  • 4 points for the blue ring
  • 3 points for the red ring
  • 2 points for the green ring
  • 1 point for the black ring

Finally, You can nominate one member of your team to have 1 extra throw (known as the kill shot.) 1 AXE - 1 THROW, hit the bulls-eye for 12 points! Your instructor will provide a countdown as both nominated members MUST throw their axes at the exact same time.


If the axe is in 2 rings simultaneously, then they are awarded the points for the higher valued ring.

Stick and Stay Policy: The axe must remain in the target for the throw to count. If it falls out, then the throw will be awarded a “0”.